African Wildlife Cinematography Workshop with Abraham Joffe – June 2015
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It is for both still and video photographers who want to learn the skills and techniques to capture and create powerful cinematic wildlife footage in the wild.


DATES:: 19th – 27th June 2015


It will be presented by Abraham Joffe, owner of Untitled Film Works, Sydney. Abraham is one of Australia’s foremost cinematographers and he has worked in Africa on a number of assignments for Iconic Images International, producing first rate film clips such as: An Elephant Bazaar, Balm for the Soul and Namibia with Iconic Images, with three more films in production.




Abraham initially conceived the idea of the cinematography workshop being a one-day event in Sydney. Following discussion with Denis Glennon AO, owner of Iconic Images International, it transformed into an eight day workshop in Africa!


It is being held in one of the best locations to capture stunning footage of Africa’s largest mammals and superior predators – Mashatu in Botswana.


If you wish, you will also have assistance with your still photography when there; you will photograph alongside wildlife photographer, Denis Glennon AO.


We will teach you how to capture the expanse of the African landscape to the most minute details in wildlife. While you learn about wildlife filming techniques from Abraham and Denis’ approach to composing nature and wildlife will transform both your still and motion photography, not merely add to it.


A primary focus of the workshop is to give you every assistance to capture iconic footage of leopards, lions, cheetahs (with a little luck) and elephants up-close from our own underground hide. The first arrival of an elephant herd, whilst you are in the hide, will leave you speechless, awestruck and do not be surprised if you find yourself so overwhelmed you forget to use your camera!


Workshop Content


It would be a challenge, anywhere in Africa, to match the photographic opportunities for filming of leopards, lions and elephants available at Mashatu, Botswana.


The workshop presentations and field practice will cover:


DSLR overview – choosing optimum camera settings, profiles and configurations for wilderness filming as well as preferred lens choices.
Stabilisation – maximising the benefits of tripods, sliders and glidecams, including hands-on training on each, particularly when filming from vehicles.
Filming wildlife – how to approach different species, understanding animal and bird behaviour and practical information on anticipating the action. This session will also cover shooting effectively from vehicles.
Working from a Hide – Mashatu is a fantastic workshop location as it has the underground elephant hide from which amazing and truly unique footage can be captured.
High speed cinematography – there will be at least one high-speed camera at the workshop for capturing fast action.

Audio – the optimum audio setups for recording atmospheric sound, interviews and on-camera options.
Undertaking interviews – how to plan, light and shoot an effective interview.
Time-lapse Photography – preparing for this exciting genre of photography plus practical shooting of nightscapes.
Editing – how to construct an effective pictorial story. This will be towards the end of the workshop when participants will have captured their own material to edit.


Our aim is to ensure you come home with the best possible footage and unforgettable memories of a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience photographing Africa’s magnificent animals with a small group of like-minded people.


Leopards are the most elusive and arguably the most beautiful of the African predators! They seem to choose who photographs or films them! Our experienced drivers/guides will amaze you at how well they can track them and with a little luck you will be astounded when you see how close we can get you to film these supreme predators.


Did you ever think you might film an elephant herd from a perspective similar to that lying on your stomach with the nearest elephant not more than five metres from your lens ?


When not attending presentations by Abraham, or filming in the underground hide, or in one of the bird hides, you will be on game drives each day. You will have very experienced drivers and expert animal trackers to give you the best opportunities of finding and filming a wide range of wildlife.


Whilst at the workshop, you are invited to participate in two special photography sessions run by Denis Glennon:
(i) “Tried & Tested Techniques for Capturing Outstanding Wildlife Images” and
(ii) “Transforming your Wildlife Images into Photographic Art”.