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For expressing meaningful stories that truly engage people, nothing comes close to the power of the film medium.

For us, any production journey must begin with diving deep into the subject’s story. As well as asking, ‘Who ultimately who will be the audience for this?’

Leading brands have been turning to producing authentic, and often short-form, visual content to help deliver their message.

Films that celebrate the extraordinary and provide a voice to issues that truly need it, is really what we are all about.

If you have a powerful story you want to bring to life, we’re all ears!


The ultimate effectiveness of any film we produce is very important to us. The planning for a film’s delivery begins at the pre-production stage.

We design our content strategies with the audience in mind. We feel its important to build communities around the storytelling for both long & short-form productions.

We work collaboratively with clients and their communications partners to arrive at the best commercial outcomes.

The following case study outlines the social strategy for a recent project – Ghosts of the Arctic.

CASE STUDY: Ghosts of the arctIC


Polar photographer Joshua Holko sought to have a film produced that encapsulated the essence of his personal brand. He is driven to travel further, and endure toughest conditions to produce his special calibre images.

After much collaboration to explore the best way to portray his character, it was decided to shoot a profile film in the extreme winter conditions of Svalbard, in the High Arctic.

The film above is the results of many months of planning and seven days of production on the island of Spitsbergen. The small crew, including an invaluable local guide, used snowmobiles to cover the frozen terrain, working in temperatures as low as -30C.

Post Production which included the edit, grade and sound design took place at the Untitled Film Works studio back in Sydney Australia.

Polar Bear Small


As this is a very personal piece, it was decided that Joshua’s own words would drive the narrative. This was done through a combination of PTC’s recorded on location and scripted dialogue. The main objective was to stay authentic to who Joshua is. After a bitterly cold scene in which to introduce Joshua on screen, the viewer is taken along a journey with Joshua to seek an encounter with the elusive polar bear.

In keeping with the trend to keep online content concise, the final film was cut to a length of 6minutes. The final grade of the film was chosen to enhance the extreme cold Joshua faced.

The sound design made good use of the original recordings in the field, as well as including additional atmospherics to further the immersive viewing experience.

The film was mastered in an aspect ratio of 2.35:1 which felt appropriate due to the epic nature of the locations.


The film was released in online in July of 2017 via the Vimeo website.

Within a matter of days the film had received hundred of organic plays and an high praise both the media and the public. It garnered enormous non-paid marketing exposure with him receiving numerous international interviews and features including a live interview on Australia’s Channel 9’s Today Show.

Numerous Awards, Festivals and Media continue to bring the film to new audiences around the world.


Dec –  International feature on National Geographic Channel online.
Nov – Gold Award for Cinematography at Australian Cinematography Awards (NSW)
Oct  – Nominated for Best Short Doc – 11th Annual Red Rock Film Festival Utah
Oct –  Nominated as Finalist at the Explorers Club 4th Annual Polar Film Festival
Sept – APVP Award for Best Documentary Film
Aug – Australia’s Channel 9 Today Show features Joshua and the film live on air
Aug – NYC Conservation Film Festival awards Ghosts of the Arctic offical selection
July – National Geographic Channel Australia feature Ghosts of the Arctic online
July – UK Daily Mail run feature story on Ghosts of the Arctic
July – Vimeo awards it coveted Staff Pick and also Best Short Film of the Month (July).



Ghosts of the Arctic – has received world wide and universal acclaim. exceeding all my expectations for project exposure. The film continues to be screened across some of the most prominent media channels in the genre including National Geographic. When I need a film crew that can work in the toughest conditions on the planet and produce the highest quality results I look no further than Untitled Film Works. Their professionalism, attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile to not only get the best shots, but to absolutely excel in all aspects of their work is clearly evident in the high quality and calibre of their outstanding films.”  – Joshua Holko