Abraham Joffe ACS
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Abraham Joffe ACS is a renowned Australian cinematographer who has gained international acclaim due to his masterful imagery and creative storytelling. Captivated by the power of the moving image from a young age, Abraham always knew that his life’s passion would be to work in film.

As an avid traveller and conservationist, Abraham has filmed on all seven continents, capturing diverse footage from over 40 countries. In 2014/15 Abraham produced, directed and filmed the first season of Tales by Light, a visually stunning production that received global recognition and was awarded multiple accolades for its superb cinematography. The series was selected for international distribution by Netflix in October, 2016 and has since accumulated a much lauded second series, with a third currently in the works.

Abraham established Sydney-based production company, Untitled Film Works, in 2000. He has since curated a collection of enthusiastic creatives who share his passion for inventive storytelling and innovative capture technology. Untitled was a formative embracer of 4K and currently works closely with Canon Australia, producing a multitude of their film content. Abraham is also honoured to be a Canon Master.

In early 2017, Abraham was proud to accept the esteemed Milli award from the Australian Cinematographer’s Society, earning him the title of ‘Australian Cinematographer of the Year’, along with procuring his accreditation from the ACS.  In 2018, he plans to complete filming for Tales by Light’s much anticipated third season, in addition to helming the new series Big Cat Legacy for Animal Planet.