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Tales by Light 2 Trailer
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Tales by Light Season 2 following four master photographers as they travel through some of the world’s most extreme and fascinating environments, while also investigating issues affecting people and nature around the globe.

Episode 1 – Jonathan and Angela Scott
Jonathan and Angela Scott are award-winning wildlife photographers who live and work in Kenya. The first episode of Tales by Light Season 2 will explore Jonathan and Angela’s work in the Masai Mara, cataloguing the challenges the national reserve, its community and the unique wildlife face in a modern context. With its fate hanging in the balance, will the park survive?

Episode 2 – Eric Cheng
Eric Cheng’s love of the ocean has taken him all over the world. During the past 15 years he has dived and documented many of the planet’s most magnificent and mysterious marine organisms. Episode 2 of Tales by Light Season 2 will look at Eric’s focus on the animals that through mythology and popular culture have been misrepresented, even demonised, while exploring his mission to use photography to tell the true story of these animals before it’s too late.

Episode 3 – Stephen Dupont
Stephen Dupont is a celebrated Australian war photographer who has captured images in some of the world’s most dangerous and inhospitable regions. In Episode 3 of Tales by Light Season 2, Stephen is seeking a new perspective on death – to see if he can uncover a more natural view of the subject that has overshadowed his entire working life. Stephen poses the question – will he ever be able to see death and life in the same way?