PILOTFLY – H2-45 – The revolutionary 3 Axis Gimbal
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Shot entirely on the Pilotfly H2-45 on location in Sydney, Australia with Professional Inline Skater CJ Wellsmore by Untitled Cinematographers Dom West and Blake Castle.

This short piece demonstrates the extraordinary skate/film abilities of our cinematographer Dom West. His skills filming with a variety of camera setups whilst riding on in-line skates is arguably without equal.

The H2-45 showcased in this clip is the world’s first compact gimbal with direct view to the camera display allowing for unparalleled control. The H2-45 is a gimbal for premium mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Compact, powerful and extraordinary in its design.

More examples of skate-filming work coming to the blog shortly.

  • Michał Ciąćka

    I like the music selection. Could you share a title please?