What’s in Abraham’s Bag?
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Abraham Joffe: “I have been asked in the past what goodies I carry around in that man-bag of mine. Well here is my first flat-lay of all the items that make my life tick:

1 The Bag – The Everyday messenger by Peak Design.
I was completely sold on this bag after seeing perhaps the best product promo clip I’d ever seen (maybe not as funny as $1 shaver but slickly produced.) Its an awesome laptop bag that has enough space to carry everything I am describing in this post. Its water resistant, light but tough… you know what – just watch their awesome kickstarter video –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CpOEcl1nec

2 MacBook Pro Retina, 15-inch – Top Specs
I live for shooting 4K (or higher) footage, so I need the fastest mac to process, encode and upload the juicy shots as we shoot them. We may run workhorse PC edit suits at the untitled film works studio, but as a personal computer – Im Mac all the way.

3 Mac Charger I always have a spare charger with me – and when traveling a number of international power adaptors. A good tip is to always carry a US power adaptor as most airports run these as default.

4 Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones
In my opinion (and many others) the best noise cancelling headphones you can buy. Comfortable, stylish and beautiful sound. Its really important for me to be able to watch and review edits on the go, and once you flick the noise cancelling switch, you escape the clutter of the world around you. Awesome for showing work to friends and clients too. I carry and audio splitter too. Handy for watching a film with a friend.

5 Ray-Ban Aviator Classic
Got to keep those money-makers shaded from the harsh Aussie sun. Aviators all the way!

6 Bose SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker II
This compact little speaker travels with me everyewhere. It does add some weight to the bag but so worth it to be able to play back films to multiple people. You might guess by now that I kinda like showing people our work! But hey, that’s why we shoot isn’t it?

7 Serious Earplugs
Anyone who has experienced an upset bub on a plane will be nodding.

8 Promotional material
Untitled Film works branded USBS, business cards, a copy of Tales by Light on Blu-ray. You have to be prepared to run into a new contact or potential client at any time.

9 Lexar® Multi-Card 25-in-1 USB 3.0 Reader
Being able to download SD, CF + Mircro SD anywhere, anytime is important. Those Digby photos need sharing on Instagram quickly! Follow the coolest dog on the planet at @digbyjoffe

10 Canon EOS 5DSR with 35mm 1.4 Lens
The classic street photographers focal length lens with a powerhouse 50megapixel DSLR makes for a killer carry-anywhere camera combo.

11 Assorted Sandisk Memory cards
CF, CFAst, Mirco. You never know when another format will come in handy.

12 Lens cloth
It’s a lens cloth. Don’t know what else to say.

13 ZAGG Power AMP6
Never get caught short without charge for your phone. I’ve just got to start remembering to charge this too. Maybe I need another portable power charger to charge my ZAGG…

14 Hard Drive 4TB
Very handy for backing up footage on the go. I hear there are 4TB solid states out there now. Droool.

15 Berocca
When you cant find where to buy coffee, or you find yourself in the USA – a sensible alternative.

16 Various HDMI and USB cables. We have a saying that9 out of 10 gear issues involves a cable. I try to have at least one of every type.

17 Balanzza Premium Luggage Scales
I watch my weight like a jockey. When you play the never-ending game of juggling carry-on and check-in weight matching you want your own scales that take the guesswork out of it. The bad-boys charge via USB which is great. No need to search for that impossible to find watch-battery called NP-44E56…

18 Passport/s
There is nothing that makes me feel like a wannabe James Bond like having multiple passports. One EU passport and 2 concurrent Australian ones. Now just for the wads of international currencies and a PPK…

19 Leatherman + Flat head screwdriver/bottle opener.
Very important for cutting, screwing and obtaining beer. Must remember to always remove the leatherman from the bag before checking through security.

20 Vaccination Certificates
When your arms look like they have been used as pin-cushions, you have to carry the proof that it is not recreational but work related.

21 Pens – multiple
They always get lost and people always need one. I usually carry at least six and return each trip with one if I’m lucky.

22 USD
I have learnt to never travel without it.



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