For expressing meaningful stories that truly engage people, nothing comes close to the power of the film medium. Smart brands see the value in creating meaningful content.

The ultimate effectiveness of any commercial film we produce is very important to us. The planning for a film’s delivery begins at the pre-production stage. We design our content strategies with the audience in mind. We feel it’s important to build communities around the storytelling for both long and short-form productions. We work collaboratively with clients and their communications partners to arrive at the best commercial outcomes.

The following case study outlines the strategy for a recent commercial project – Ghosts of the Arctic.



Polar photographer Joshua Holko sought to have a film produced that encapsulated the essence of his personal brand. He is driven to travel further, and endure the toughest conditions to produce his special images. After much collaboration to explore the best way to portray his character, it was decided to shoot a profile film in the extreme winter conditions of Svalbard, in the High Arctic. The crew, including an invaluable local guide, used snowmobiles to cover the frozen terrain, working in temperatures as low as -30C. Post Production – edit, grade and sound design – took place at the Untitled Film Works studio back in Sydney Australia.